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Are you looking for a warm & friendly place to find God?

All are welcome at St. John's Lutheran Church In Stone Bank

St. John’s Lutheran is a small, friendly church in Stone Bank, a few miles northeast of Oconomowoc. Our congregation welcomes Christians who have been members of other denominations or anyone who is looking for a safe place to find God.

Our Mission

Faith rooted in God's word, branching out in hope, service and love.

We have a strong mission and out-reach focus, both to the world and to our surrounding community, where our traditional sanctuary and tolling church bell are neighborhood landmarks. We have easy handicap access and circle drive ups at both of our entrances and we welcome visitors. With Pastor Karen Jost on board and the Spirit of God on the move among us, we are looking forward to the adventure of growing in faith.

Watch Our Worship

St. John’s offers video recordings of our church services for anyone who is unable to make it to church or lives out of town. Video recordings are available on our Youtube Channel.


Looking for A Midweek Outdoor Opportunity to Worship
Join on Thursdays at 6 pm for our midweek outdoor worship service in our lovely pavilion to celebrate God’s creation. Our 9 am Sunday worship service is also held outdoors in our pavilion. Our outdoor services are offered through the end of August.
Listening Book Club
As a quarterly book club we meet next on Thursday, September 19th at 1 pm in the Genesis Room. Our book will be The Second Life of Mireille West, an acclaimed historical fiction novel inspired by the real life Louisiana Leprosy Hospital at Carville. The novel was written in 2021 by award winning novelist Amanda Skenadore whose medical experience during the Covid-19 crisis as a registered nurse adds authenticity to the story of the wife of a silent film star who is catapulted from the glamor of the Roaring Twenties into a life of isolation, experimental treatments, but also courage and resilience at Carville. We hope you can join us!
Pastor's Bible Study
Join us for Pastor's next Bible study on June 26 at 9:30 am. Everyone is welcome!
July 4 Worship Service Is Cancelled
We will not have a 6:00 pm outdoor worship service on Thursday, July 4.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As Lutheran Christians we were founded on the teachings of Martin Luther, we confess the Triune God — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and we proclaim Christ crucified and raised from the dead for the life of the world. Our values are Biblically grounded, and we hold God’s saving grace offered in Christ for all people, as central to our worship and Christian lives.

As members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we are guided by the social statements which this church has adopted after an extensive democratic process of participation and deliberation, and a two-thirds vote of an ELCA churchwide assembly.

For our position on individual issues, just click on the following link:
ELCA Social Statements.

We worship at 9 am Sunday mornings. In the summer we also worship Thursday evenings at 7 pm. Both summer services are held outdoors in our Pavilion, weather permitting.

During Lent we offer Soup and Prayer Time on Wednesdays at 6 pm with a light soup supper followed by a time of quiet prayer, song, and reflection.

Come as you are! People at St. John’s dress for comfort in slacks, formal shirts, flannel shirts or tee shirts, dresses, suit jackets, jeans, or khakis.

If you park in the parking lot, enter the Fellowship Hall door with the Welcome sign, and then follow the signs inside to the left, then upstairs to our sanctuary entrance, or, if you park in the circle drive outside the sanctuary entrance, just walk inside into the sanctuary entrance.

Once there, our usher will greet you and hand you a bulletin. Everything you need to follow the service is in the bulletin.

Yes. You can park outside the sanctuary entrance alongside our circle drive. Once inside, the sanctuary is straight ahead, and an elevator will take you downstairs to the Fellowship Hall.

The restrooms are right outside the Fellowship Hall on the lower level near the stairs to the sanctuary.

Yes! Everyone is welcome at the Lord’s Table at St. John’s. We celebrate Communion at each Sunday service and Thursday service in the summer.

Yes! We offer Fall and Spring Sunday School Sessions for K through 6th grade with the emphasis on learning and enjoying Bible Stories.