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Faith rooted in God's word, branching out in hope, service and love.


St. John’s Lutheran is a small, energetic congregation in rural Oconomowoc with deep roots in Stone Bank, generous hearts, and easy-going openness to new people and new ideas. We share God’s grace in worship that is fresh and lively, Biblically centered in the Lutheran liturgy, framed by music in a variety of styles, and lifted up by Pastor Karen’s engaging sermons.

We are Lutherans of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, but we invite any Christian who is looking for a church home to visit or join us. We offer Holy Communion at every worship service to all who desire to participate.

We have a strong mission and out-reach focus, both to the world and to our surrounding neighborhood, where our traditional sanctuary and tolling church bell are familiar landmarks. We also have easy handicap access with circle drive-ups at both of our entrances. With the Spirit of God on the move among us, we embrace the adventure of growing together in faith.

Meet Our Staff

Judy Swanton (Financial Secretary), Pastor Karen Jost, Barb O’Connor (Treasurer), Barb McShane (Office Manager)

Meet Our Council

Julie Bohen (council member at large), Barb O’Connor (Treasurer), Pastor Karen Jost, Judy Runt (President), Nancy Barr (Vice President), Kris Kaptain (council member at large)

Meet Our Worship, Music & Hospitality Ministry Committee

Nancy Kuhtz, Pastor Karen Jost, Nancy Barr (President) and Megan Rollefson

Pastor Karen Jost

I am delighted to serve St. John’s Lutheran at Stone Bank in my first call as an ordained minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, following a career as a high school English teacher. I enjoy the rhythm of Lutheran liturgy sung in diverse musical traditions, and I never tire of preaching or teaching the Bible. I love our family-sized congregation, supportive of each other and friendly to guests and visitors. I love watching our church grow!

I am married to James Edgar, our Music Minister, and my partner in worship and in life. We have three interesting daughters, two now living in Wisconsin, and one on the East Coast, but they all call often. I am fond of Shakespeare and Beethoven, our frisky puppy Kipp, and the scent of lilacs on a Wisconsin spring day.


1844 | St. John’s was organized as the Pink Lake Scandinavian Parish.

1847 | Bought the land where St. John’s now stands.

1847 | St. John’s Lutheran formed when a group began a separate congregation from the mother church.

1855 | Wooden structure was replaced with brick church.

1924 | Structure was enlarged with a narthex, balcony and fellowship hall.

1959 | Built parsonage for St. John’s and called its own pastor.

1979 | St. John’s collaborates with other churches to sponsor two Laotian immigrants.

1981 | Church moved across the road and built a larger fellowship center.

1998 | Sponsors a family of Kosovo immigrants.

2006 | Begins our annual sponsorship of the Africa Circle of Hope.

2009 | Support of African Bible Translators Tom and Mary Holman begins.

2016 | Calls Pastor Karen Jost.

2016 | Beginning of our annual participation in the Outreach for Hope.

2019 | Celebrates 175th Anniversary.